University of Georgia

Georgia releases ticket plan limiting Sanford Stadium to 20-25% capacity

The University of Georgia announced that it will limit Sanford Stadium to 20-25% capacity if fans attend games this fall.

Sanford Stadium currently can hold up to 92,746 fans. That would put the 2020 capacity between 18,500 and 23,000 fans this year.

The school said it is offering single game tickets to provide as many opportunities to current Hartman Fund donors who are season ticket holders to attend games.

Georgia’s home games are Oct. 3 versus Auburn, Oct. 10 versus Tennessee, Nov. 21 versus Mississippi State and Dec. 5 versus Vanderbilt. No away game tickets will be available except for the Georgia-Florida Game, which will still be held in Jacksonville.


Single tickets will cost $150, which includes a $75 ticket price and a $75 contribution requirement. The costs will be deducted from any previous payments made.

The number of games and seats that donors can buy depends on their giving level.

  • Silver Circle, Hedges and Magill Society ($250,000+): 4 games, 4 seats
  • Magill Society ($25,00-$249,000), 2020 Hartman Fund ($5,000+): 2 games, 4 seats
  • 2020 Hartman Fund: ($275-$4,999): 1 game, 4 seats

Donors have until Aug. 26 at 5 p.m. to respond. Donors who opt out will not be penalized and will keep their seat location for 2021. A full list of frequently-asked questions and answers can be found here.

The SEC announced Tuesday it would let each individual school make the decision on fans. The 20-25% attendance mark has been a common limit for other schools such as Alabama and Tennessee.

While attendance is left to the school, the SEC does have a list of guidelines for all 14 members to follow. These include mandatory masks, physical distance markers and digital only tickets.