’We’re gun-friendly’: NJ town calls itself a 2nd Amendment sanctuary

WEST MILFORD, N.J. — A New Jersey town council approved a resolution last week that proclaimed it a “sanctuary township” for law-abiding gun owners.

Lawmakers in West Milford passed a non-binding resolution that “opposes further interference with, or abridging of, the rights of lawful gun owners,” reported.

Pete McGuinness, council president in the rural town of 26,000 people, said the resolution was approved by a 5-0 vote Dec. 4, the website reported.

“We’re just letting the community know we are a gun-friendly, Second Amendment-positive township,” McGuinness told

The resolution declares West Milford a “Second Amendment/lawful gun owner sanctuary township" and criticizes “red flag laws” that have been adopted by at least 17 states, including New Jersey, rthe website reported.

Adoption of the resolution came six days before a shooting in Jersey City that killed four people, including a police officer, reported.