Hoofin’ it: Cows roam through Georgia neighborhood

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — You herd it right. Cows were roaming through a Georgia neighborhood last week.

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Julianna Olson recently moved to Warner-Robins from Wisconsin, and on Friday she noticed her lawn was destroyed, WMAZ-TV reported.

Her garden was also in shambles, along with solar lights, the television station reported. Sod was in disarray.

“I’m like, ‘Who would vandalize this in the middle of the night!?’” Olson told WMAZ. “I was upset about it.”

While taking her dog for a walk, Olson realized that her whole block had been damaged. When she returned home, Olson took a look at the footage from her doorbell camera.

“I said ‘I’m going to figure out who this is and I’m going to send it to police,” Olson told WMAZ. “When I saw the video ... I could not stop laughing.”

Olson saw one cow ... and then another. Finally, a whole herd of them.

“It was like ‘West Side Story’ going down the alley, but they were going down the middle of the street, just having a hay-day -- no pun intended,” Olson told the television station.

The bovine bandits not only rummaged through her yard, they also came right up to her door.

Another resident, John Kitchens, said the damage was not that extensive.

“As far as damage goes, they do what cows do ... nibbled on some plants and hoofprints everywhere,” Kitchens told WMAZ. “They appeared to be dairy cows.”

“The cows were nice enough to make sure we had fertilizer left behind to make up for it,” Olson told the television station. “Everyone needs a good laugh these days, and the cows gave it to us.”