Coronavirus: Father of 5 dies after texting, ‘I should have gotten the damn vaccine’

LAS VEGAS — A Nevada father texted his family, “I should have gotten the damn vaccine,” shortly before he died from COVID-19 at a hospital.

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Michael Freedy, 39, went to the hospital shortly after a vacation in San Diego with his family, KVVU reported.

He thought he had a severe sunburn but it turned out to be the coronavirus. He died Thursday.

“Our babies now don’t have a dad,” Jessica DuPreez said. “You can’t say I am young and it won’t affect me because it will.”

DuPreez said the family planned to get inoculated a year after the release of the vaccine. It was a decision she now regrets. She and her oldest child have now gotten vaccinated.

“We wanted to wait just one year from the release to see what effects people had, but there was never any intention to not get it,” she said.

The family has started a crowdsource funding account to help pay medical and funeral costs.