Video: Police use Taser on 65-year-old woman resisting arrest, kicking officer over $80 ticket

Oklahoma Police Officer Tased Woman After She Allegedly Resisted Arrest Over $80 Ticket

CASHION, Okla. — A 65-year-old Oklahoma driver was caught on a police officer’s body camera behaving badly during a traffic stop, refusing to sign a ticket, swearing, driving off and even kicking the officer as he was trying to arrest her.

The incident started when Debra Hamil was pulled over in Kingfisher County in metro Oklahoma City for a broken tail light, according to KOCO-TV.

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When the officer approached Hamil’s window, she refused to sign for the $80 ticket and proceeded to swear at the officer before driving away, body camera video showed.

The cop jumped in his cruiser and chased Hamil down. When she pulled over again, he confronted her with a drawn gun. When she refused to get out of her pickup truck, the officer tried to pull her out and she began fighting and kicking at him.

Bodycam video: Woman becomes aggressive with officer after refusing to sign ticket

"YOU ARE FULL OF S***!" | CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A 65-year-old woman became aggressive with a Cashion police officer, kicking him and resisting arrest, after she refused to sign a $80 ticket for a broken tail light. Christine Stanwood KOCO has the full story >>

Posted by KOCO 5 News on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The video shows he eventually used a Taser on her to get her on the ground and in handcuffs.

Officers then asked Hamil if she was hurt. “Yeah I’m hurt,” she said. An officer asked off camera “what hurts?” Hamil replied, “Everything hurts.”

While she refused medical treatment, KOCO reported, Hamil was taken for a medical assessment before being charged with felony assault on a police officer and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.