Restaurant Inspections

East Point Dairy Queen fails health inspection

EAST POINT, Ga. — UPDATE: The restaurant received a 99 on its re-inspection.


A Metro Atlanta Dairy Queen recently failed a health inspection after getting several A's in a row. On July 13, the DQ on Norman Berry Drive in East Point got a health inspection score of 67.

Customer Christian Wright said that is messed up because he had just eaten there.

Violations included heavy slime/mold build up in the interior of the ice machine, heavy debris build up on floors and walls and some food including coleslaw not held cold enough.
The owner, Warish Momin, said he's corrected the violations. He said his Dairy Queen has a good track record with their last two health scores being 91.




Momin said he’s going to be having the best service as they’ve had before. He’s said workers have been retrained and he’s very confident the re-inspection will get the score back to the 90s.

Wright said he always checks scores and was surprised to learn this Dairy Queen didn’t post its current score of 67.

He said usually most restaurants he goes to have inspection scores in the 90s.

The DQ will be re-inspected this month and we’ll let you know what the new score is.