Woman says delivery driver also stole her package from front porch

KENNESAW, Ga. — A Cobb County family has filed a police report after they say they got a visit from a porch pirate who appears to be the same person who delivered the package.

They say their Ring doorbell captured it all, and that video and audio help to support their claim.

While there’s no solid proof that delivery driver snagged the package, the Ring video images are very convincing to the Kennesaw homeowner, who shared it with Channel 2′s Veronica Griffin.

The delivery on Friday evening was supposed to be an early Christmas gift Holly Sanders ordered for a loved one.

But the package disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived.

“I went back and looked at my Ring camera film and I realized the same person who delivered the package seemed to be the same person who took the package,” Sanders said.


Sanders said she received a picture showing proof of delivery but moments later she said what appears to be the same person who delivered the package came back dressed in black and took it back.

She points to a freeze-framed image caught in just the right light. It appears to look like the porch pirate is wearing a uniform that’s similar to that of the delivery driver.

“What really disturbed me the most is the trust you have in the drivers. We hear a lot about porch pirates. We see it on the news all the time. I just think I didn’t expected the porch pirate to be the person who actually made the delivery,” Sanders said.

Sanders told Griffin that both people appear to be listening to the same person on speakerphone.

“From the time they walked up to the front of the door, left and came back, it was the same conversation the entire time,” Sanders said.

Sanders reported the missing package to Amazon, and she also filed a police report.

Griffin contacted Amazon for a comment on this story, but so far she has not heard back.