94-year-old woman attacked with hammer forgives attacker -- her daughter

ATLANTA — A 94-year-old woman whose daughter attacked her with a hammer said she is ready to forgive her.

Sandy Mathis, 56, turned herself in last week after attacking her mother, Willie D. Monroe. Mathis is currently being held at the Fulton County jail.

Channel 2's Michael Seiden spoke to Monroe, who said she spent a week in the hospital.

“My name is Willie D. Monroe. I would like them to call me Dea," she told Seiden.

Monroe said she is doing all that she can to make sure her age doesn't stop her from living her best life.

“I do all my housework. Go to church. Go where I need to go. Anywhere," Monroe said. She also still drives. Right now, though, she's recovering from two broken hands.

Earlier this month, Mathis, who has lived with her mother for 20 years, attacked her with a hammer. Monroe said it was because she asked Mathis' boyfriend to leave their northwest Atlanta home.

Monroe said she adores her daughter and even wants to keep living with her.


"She was just, like, out of her mind, and she just lit in on me with her fists," Monroe said.

Trying to defend herself, Monroe tossed a hammer at her daughter.

"I wasn't trying to throw it and hit her," Monroe said. "I just had to do something, because I was sick of (being hit)."

Monroe then picked up the hammer and started hitting Monroe with it.

Atlanta police responded, but after conducting interviews with everyone in the house, officers ruled it a civil matter.

Days later, police relaunched their investigation, and now Mathis is charged with aggravated assault.

Despite all the chaos, Monroe said she has unconditional love for her daughter.

"I love her, just like I've always loved her," Monroe said. "I want her home."

Monroe is hoping she can spend Christmas with all of her children.