Watching street racing in Atlanta could land you $1,000 fine or even jail time

ATLANTA — Street racing has been a big problem here in parts of Atlanta.

Just two weeks ago, street racers and huge crowds took over the Castleberry Hill neighborhood for two nights straight.

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Now, if you're caught just standing around watching and recording, be prepared to pay a huge fine or you could even face time in jail.

On Monday, The Atlanta City Council approved legislation setting penalties for people standing around while drivers street race.

As bystander, you could be fined at least $1,000 or go to jail up to 6 months.

“According to the legislation, violations will be punished by a minimum fine of $1,000 and court costs or imprisonment for not more than six months, or by any one or more of these punishments subject to all limitations contained in the charter of the city or applicable state law,” the city council said in a news release.

Much of the street racing and tire-burning are inspired by social media bragging and boredom among young people.

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People in the downtown neighborhood say they’re frustrated. They say it sounds like NASCAR in their back yard.

Sports cars burn in circles for well over an hour on a narrow street lined with apartments and businesses.

“If you look at the tire marks and see how close they are to homes and businesses, the margin for error is so small,” said Castleberry Hill neighbor Jacob Burkhardt.

In a joint effort by multiple law enforcement agencies, they were able to crack down on street racing earlier this year arresting dozens of people.