• Officer suspended after video of police breaking up 'out of control' party

    By: Tom Jones


    WALTON COUNTY, Ga. - Members of a Monroe family say their father was dragged, tased and arrested just hours before Father's Day.

    Channel 2 Action News has obtained the video that has them outraged.

    According to the family, police arrived at the town homes near Wheel House Lane Saturday night to break up a teen party that had gotten out of control.

    The family members say they were sitting on the porch and weren't involved in the incident. Video shows police stun Ivan Tory and drag him out into the driveway. 

    The family told Channel 2's Tom Jones police should have never treated him that way.

    Tory was charged with obstruction but he said he did nothing wrong.

    "It was nothing that I did beside sit on my porch and pay bills every single month.," he said.


    More than 100 teens had thrown a block party and were blocking the street. Officers ordered everyone out of the street and into their homes.

    Some people thought police overstepped their bounds telling law-abiding adults where to go.

    "I'm an adult. We're not under martial law so I'm here," said Byron Mitchell, who recorded the officer tasing Tory.

    "He just grabbed him and popped him," Mitchell said.

    The police chief has now suspended that officer but not for the tasing.

    "Yelling things that he shouldn't have been yelling and using cursing and showing disrespect," said Monroe Police Chief R.V. Watts.

    The chief said his officers were in the neighborhood for valid reasons and were giving lawful commands. He said the video only shows a portion of what happened.

    "The bodycam video shows a lot more than that," Watts said.

    He says people cursed and antagonized his officers. Five people were arrested.

    Tory's wife said the suspended officer is not fit to wear the badge.

    "I don't want that cop to be allowed back out here in this neighborhood," Shanna Tory said.

    Johnny Smith, a blind man who lives nearby, said officers kicked in his door and held his family at gunpoint.

    "They threw my mom on the floor. and put their knees on her back.," he said.

    The chief said officers were looking for suspects they were chasing.

    Shanna Tory said her kids will never forget seeing their father tased.

    "My kids was standing in my doorway screaming for their daddy, and it was breaking my heart," she said.

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