Video shows chaos at Lil Wayne concert in Atlanta; injuries reported

ATLANTA — Fans went running during a rap concert near Underground Atlanta when they thought they heard gunshots Sunday night.

Lil Wayne was performing as part of the A3C Hip Hop Festival and Conference at the Georgia Freight Depot on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Atlanta.

Officials with the Atlanta Police Department told Channel 2 Action News it appears someone in the crowd yelled that they heard gunshots.

Fans are seen on video running away from the area.


Police told us they received reports of 12 minor injuries, such as ankle injuries and lacerations from attempting to jump fences.

Channel 2's Tom Jones spoke with Dasia Terry, who said she not only heard gunshots but believes she was grazed by a bullet.

"I was there praying that it wasn't, but the doctors were like, 'No, it looks like you were grazed by a gun," she said.

Terry has a deep wound that looks like something penetrated her skin. Her mother said an officer arrived at Grady Hospital and took a look at her injury.

DJ Silver Knight said people started a stampede trying to get to safety.

"It was a young lady next to me freaking out saying 'Oh, it's guns. They just shooting.' Baby, ain't no gunshots," Knight said.

Atlanta police said officers were unable to locate any evidence to support claims shots were fired.

Terry's mother said officers needed to look deeper before making that statement.

"(They need to) find out what's going on, come down and collect what the data is from all the injured people before you make out a press statement," she said.

Police told Jones they need to speak to Terry immediately to investigate her claims she was shot and take the next steps.

A3C posted a statement on Instagram  regarding what happened, saying: "Sadly, there was an altercation tonight that ended Lil Wayne's performance. We are still collecting information to determine exactly what happened and will provide follow up information as soon as we know more details. Please be assured that the law enforcement officers present have confirmed that there were no weapons involved. This was a very unfortunate way to end what had been an otherwise amazing week of music, friendships, and connections. Thank you to everyone for your amazing support and positive energy all week. We love y'all."