VIDEO: Pregnant woman dragged across parking lot as thief takes off in car

VIDEO: Pregnant woman dragged across parking lot as thief takes off in car

ATLANTA — A woman is sharing her terrifying story with Channel 2 Action News after she became the latest victim of a slider crime. "Sliding" is a method police said many crooks are using to steal from people at gas stations.

One of the latest crimes happened Monday, July 22, when a 26-year-old victim left her Chevrolet Camaro running with the doors locked before heading into the Shell gas station at 2477 Metropolitan Parkway S.W.

The woman, who is pregnant, told Channel 2's Michael Seiden that when she returned to her car, she noticed a stranger in the driver's seat.

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Surveillance video captured the gut-wretching moments the victim tried to stop the man as he took off with her car.

The woman held on to the driver side door until she fell to the ground. Before leaving the parking lot, the driver ran over her leg.

Seconds later, a second camera from inside the store shows the victim in excruciating pain. Her leg is broken.

"It’s just really swollen," she said.


On Friday afternoon, the victim, who asked to not be identified, sat down with Seiden at her home where she showed him her injuries.

“A piece of glass got in my hand," she said. “I couldn’t see how many guys were in there. I couldn’t see anything through their windshield.”

Minutes before the chaos, video shows a white Infiniti Sedan pull up next to the victim's car. A man gets out and smashes his way inside her car.

“My adrenaline kicked in, so I ran to the car and then I tried to open my door twice,” she said.

A second suspect is also seen in the white Infiniti.

By the time police arrived, the suspects were already gone.

Now, the victim can no longer stand on her own.

“I always watch my surroundings, but this was just a time where I really let my guard down,” she said.

The victim said she installed a GPS tracking system on her car, so police were able to track it down within 24 hours.

Atlanta police are still working to identify the two suspects. They say the same men are responsible for several auto-related crimes in East Point.