VIDEO: Ludacris pokes fun at himself after car stolen in Atlanta

ATLANTA — Anyone would be upset to have their car stolen, especially if it was worth around $150,000. But Atlanta rapper and actor Ludacris has a sense of humor about it.

Christopher Bridges, AKA Ludacris, posted a video on his Instagram account Tuesday of his friends surprising him with some “new wheels” after his Mercedes Benz S63 was stolen in midtown Atlanta last month.

Luckily, police were able to track the luxury car down and he was able to get it back plus other items in the car.

In the video, several friends, including comedians and actors DeWayne Colley and Desi Banks, said they wanted to do something nice for the beloved rapper for “doing good for the community for years” and especially after having his car stolen.


They made him cover his eyes and then unveiled his new “car” -- except it wasn’t a car. It was a classic Radio Flyer red wagon.

“I’m glad he got that, he got his car stolen. He’s going to let someone steal that one,” Colley joked.

Watch the full video below:

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