Tucker DQ restaurant fails health inspection

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A Dairy Queen restaurant in DeKalb County just failed a health inspection, in part, because employees weren’t washing their hands enough.

That and other violations led the DQ in Tucker on Lawrenceville Highway to receive a score of 63.

Some regular customers were surprised to learn that the restaurant had violations that include not keeping food at temperatures required for food safety.

Regular customer Becky Burns says she had no idea until we told her that the DQ failed the inspection on June 8.

Burns said if she had seen the score posted on the window she would have waited and come back when the score was higher.

The inspector said violations included workers not washing hands when contamination could have happened. The report says one worker picked up trash from the floor and then prepped food at the fryer.

The restaurant also got points off because there wasn’t soap at all the hand sinks, food wasn’t held cold enough and other food wasn’t kept hot enough.

No one from the restaurant or the company would comment of the failing inspection.

On their last inspection, the DQ got an 88. Last fall they just barely passed with a 72.

Burns says she will go back to the DQ if they improve their score.

The restaurant will be reinspected within the next week.