TSA misses 95% of weapons in undercover operation

A string of recent security issues has raised big questions as to whether the Transportation Security Administration is up to performing its "no-fail mission".
A government audit found that TSA screeners missed 95 percent of mock weapons and bombs in an undercover investigation.
The new head of the TSA, Peter Neffenger, has only been on the job for a month but says over the next 60 days every TSA employee will be trained on the mistakes that allowed those mock weapons to get through.
After investigators said a gun smuggling operation run by an airlines employee was busted at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta airport officials pledged to become just the third airport in the country to have all employees go through security screenings.
Neffenger says he's investigating whether all airports should have to do more screening of employees.
Neffenger also wants to eliminate boarding passes and have passengers use biometric data, like fingerprints.