‘The Truth is out there, just not here:’ Two ‘old farts’ offer wisdom in Georgia park

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Two men returned to Forsyth Park to give life advice and words of wisdom to anyone who would listen.

Self-proclaimed ‘old farts,’ Kevin Shotsberger and Razz Jenkins told WJCL they had taken people watching to the next level by setting up a booth promoting “dubious free advice.”

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“First of all, we get along so well. And we really like each other, and our wives are great friends. So what we do here is exactly what we do at home -- sit around and smoke cigars,” Jenkins told WJCL.

Both men are retired Chicago natives who visit Savannah to try and escape the cold winter months in the midwest.

The pair first unveiled ‘Old Farts’ last year, sitting in lawn chairs in the park, smoking cigars and talking to passersby. This year, they have come up with a twist.


“This year, we’ve got our ‘Guest Old Fart’ chair there. And we brought that because last year we had so many people say, ‘Oh, my husband needs to be over there,’ or, ‘I should be there.’ We said okay, great, here’s the guest’s old fart chair. Go ahead and sit down,” Shotsberger said.

“The hardest part of that is getting that old fart up out of that chair,” Jenkins said. “It’s a camp chair, so you can get locked in.”

When asked about why they do this, the men told WJCL that they do it to promote positivity.

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“I think the message should be that you should really just enjoy life,” Shotsberger said.

“The only hope I have is that someone will look at us and say, ‘Ya know, life ain’t so bad,’” Jenkins said.

WJCL said you can find the two men in Forsyth Park for the next two Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon with more wisdom and, of course, more cigars.