The untold stories of California's 'house of horrors'

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — They were starved and shackled to their beds, sometimes for months.

They were beaten and choked.

They were given scant medical care, often denied use of a toilet and allowed to shower but once a year.

They lived mostly at night, out of sight of neighbors, and knew virtually nothing of the outside world.

And yet, some of the children of David and Louise Turpin hatched an escape plan.

But what don’t you yet know about what happened inside the “house of horrors?”

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Who are these parents now charged with torture?

How are the kids doing?

What happens next?

And what don’t you know?

Those closest to the story share what they know, and what they know will stun you. "20/20" airs TONIGHT at 10 p.m. on Channel 2.

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