The snow could create a spike in flu cases this season

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Get ready. Doctors told Channel 2 Action News our snow days have created the perfect environment for us to see another spike in the flu.

"We're seeing about a 50-percent increase every week that goes on," said Dr. James Yost with Peachtree Immediate Care in Cumming.

He said their 18 clinics across the metro are ready to get busier.

"Because of the two days where everybody was at home, schools were closed, people crowd together and more spreading goes on," Yost explained.


The flu in Georgia is spreading quickly, with hospitals reporting an increase of flu-related cases in recent weeks.

More than 300 have been hospitalized and five people have died from flu-related illnesses since the Georgia Department of Public Health began its 2017-2018 flu surveillance in the first week of October, according to department officials.

The five people who died were all elderly and at least three had underlying medical conditions, DPH Director of Communications Nancy Nydam told Channel 2's Tom Regan last week.

At a clinic on Thursday, Channel 2's Wendy Corona was there when Susan Morrison found out she had the flu, despite having received the flu shot.

With an estimated 3 to four more weeks of flu season, Yost said it's still not too late to get a flu shot and benefit from it.

"We're seeing the flu season peak a little bit later than we have in prior years. We've seen a wider spread on the graph meaning it's lasting a little bit longer than it has," he said.

Morrison, however, is a success story. She got the shot and now will feel mild flu symptoms.

"If you get the disease it should look like this, very mild, very subtle, she'll have a couple of days of symptoms. Tylenol and Motrin and she'll be fine," Yost said.