SunTrust Park making last-minute changes in preparation for opening day

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Crews will work into the evening to finish last-minute items needed for fans to safely get to the new SunTrust Park in Cobb County.

Channel 2's Ross Cavitt has one crucial item planners are rushing to add before the first real game, which is Friday night.

The concrete will dry just in time for fans to walk from the Braves parking lots to the stadium blocks away.

The work continues fast and furious outside the stadium with crews hoping to beat the Friday night deadline.

One thing that likely won't make it in time are the streetlights on a portion of Circle 75 Parkway.


Mark Buck walks his girlfriend's dog on the stretch of road and worries about fans trudging back to their cars in the dark.

"People do fly up and down this road pretty fast and they're very close to the curb, so sometimes it's concerning," Buck said.

County commissioners approved a last-minute measure to put up street lights near the ballpark, and hours later Georgia Power and county DOT folks were mapping out where exactly they'd go.

SunTrust Park: The new home of the Braves

Opening Day 2017

The lights won't make it for Friday’s game and it’s unclear if they'll be lit up for the home opener in mid-April either.

The Braves will pay nearly $250,000 for the lights and the county will pick up the operating costs, which will be paid for by the streetlight fund.

"We're in the big leagues now, we'll have a lot of people with Battery Park and I think they all want to feel safe," Cobb County Commission chair Mike Boyce said.