State investigates illegal sale of baby chicks at North Georgia State Fair

MARIETTA, Ga. — The Georgia Department of Agriculture says they're investigating the illegal sale of animals at the North Georgia State Fair.

This week, animal activists with Georgia Animal Rights and Protection recorded cellphone video of workers selling baby chicks and baby pigs near the petting zoo.%



Workers with North Georgia Animals were visited by Department of Agriculture investigators, who warned them against selling animals without a license.

"The North Georgia State Fair is not licensed for the sale of any poultry, or livestock," said Julie McPeake, with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. "We have received complaints as well and are currently investigating."

The state classifies the offense as a misdemeanor, but no workers were cited since none were caught in the act in person, according to the Department of Agriculture.

"They go out there and tell them not to do it, and they take their sign down and it starts right back up again," said Melody Paris with Georgia Animal Rights and Protection.


A widely-circulated video made by the activist group got the attention of state officials this week. In it, fair workers tell an activist that baby chicks are $5 each.

When Channel 2's Matt Johnson asked a worker in the video about the sale of chicks, she denied that they ever sold any animals at the fair.

"These people do not care about the animals," said Paris. "They care about making a dollar, to the point of they're going to do it illegally."