Spalding County

Ga. mother upset her daughter suspended for accidentally eating Delta-8 gummies at school

SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. — A mother says her 9-year-old daughter spent more than seven hours in the hospital after she ate candy that is infused with Delta 8-THC.

We reported Monday night on WSB Tonight that a 7-year-old boy was hospitalized after ingesting the infused candy at a school in Pickens County.

Deesia Thrasher says when she got to her child she was high and out of it.

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“It scared me. I didn’t know if she was going to make it,” she told Channel 2′s Tom Jones.

Thrasher said her 9-year-old daughter was in the back of an ambulance when she arrived at Orrs Elementary in Griffin Monday around noon.

“They said her blood pressure was high. They said her heart rate was beating fast. As a mother I was scared,” Thrasher said.

She said her child was crying and didn’t even realize her father was in the ambulance with her. Thrasher said paramedics were treating her after she ate Sourbelts Delta 8 THC-infused pineapple gummies at school.

Spalding-Griffin Schools District spokesperson Adam Pugh says she ate the “candy” around 7:22 that morning and didn’t start showing signs of impairment until just before noon.

Doctors diagnosed the third grader with accidental cannabis overdose. Thrasher was confused.

“I asked them how did she get it? They said she got it from another little girl,” she said.

Thrasher said a student asked her daughter if she wanted some candy and told her to get it from her book bag.

She said her 9-year-old ate the gummies not knowing their intoxicating effects. Still, she says the school gave her daughter a 4-day suspension.

“Y’all suspend my child for no reason. My child should not have been suspended,” she said.

Thrasher said the school told her surveillance cameras showed her daughter getting the gummies from a classmate’s book bag.

Pugh said the security video shows her child taking the “candy” from the bookbag. He did not say the gummies were given to her child.

Thrasher believes the child who gave her daughter the candy knew she was giving her something harmful to children.

Pugh said the child ate four pieces of the gummies. They’re each 300mg.


He would not discuss any punishment, but he said it’s believed the child brought the candy from home to school in her book bag.

Thrasher said schools need to crack down on what children are bringing to school in the bookbags.

“I think y’all should check these kids’ bookbags to see what they have coming and out the schools. Cause you never know. Anything could have happened. My child could have lost her life,” she said.

Pugh called this incident scary and said the school system is urging parents to lock up items that look like candy so their kids can’t get them.

It’s also urging parents to teach their children the dangers of taking candy from other people.

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