Son of Georgia congressman critically injured in cycling accident

ATLANTA — The son of Georgia state Rep. Tom Graves is recovering after a serious bike accident left him seriously injured.

Graves said his son, John, who is on Georgia Tech’s cycling team, was injured during a race in Calhoun, Georgia on Sunday.

John was airlifted to a trauma unit where he remains in intensive care.

"He’s a strong boy and is showing signs of responsiveness. We appreciate the outpouring of support and continued prayers as John begins his recovery,” Graves said in a news release.

A second Georgia Tech student was also injured in the crash. The college’s spokesperson spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the crash.

“This morning we learned that two Georgia Tech students, John Graves and Juan Barraza, were injured during a cycling race over the weekend,” institute spokesman Joshua Stewart said Monday in a statement. “We express our support to John and Juan and their families during this difficult time and wish them both a speedy and full recovery.”

Graves represents Georgia’s 14th district, which includes areas in northwest Georgia. In December 2019, Graves announced that he will not run for re-election in 2020.