Snake slithers up door, peers through window of home

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — A Henry County resident got a surprise when he was about to open his front door.

A snake at least 6 feet long slithered up the door and was peering through the window.

Devron Turnipseed, 16, said he came face to face with a snake at his Stockbridge home.

Instead of opening the door, Turnipseed took out his phone and started to take pictures and video.


Channel 2's Craig Lucie showed the video to a wildlife expert, who identified the reptile as a giant rat snake, which is good to have around because they keep venomous snakes away.

The homeowner went outside and spread mothballs all over the front porch, near the front door and in the front yard, but many snake experts say that's not very effective. The snake took off, and no one has seen it since.

Turnipseed hopes he never sees it again.

“I'm not going out the front door no more. I'm going out the garage door,” Turnipseed said.

“What if it's by the garage?" Lucie asked. "I'm not sure what I'm going to do," Turnipseed said.

Henry County Animal Control said it got the call, but it doesn't respond to snake calls.

Officials said a wildlife removal expert will come out and catch snakes.

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