Former Pres. Bush to deliver eulogy at funeral for Sen. John McCain

ATLANTA — John McCain, a decorated Vietnam War hero and veteran Senator from Arizona, has died after battling brain cancer.

McCain's family announced Friday that the senator had decided to stop treatment for cancer.

In a tweet from his wife Cindy Saturday night, she wrote, "My heart is broken. I am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man."

On Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced McCain will lie in state at the United States Capitol Rotunda.

ABC News confirmed that Former Pres. George W. Bush will deliver a eulogy at the funeral of Sen. John McCain and is "honored to have been asked to speak."

McCain was born on August 29, 1936 at a Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone. His father, John S. McCain Jr. was a U.S. Navy admiral. His father was also in the Navy.

Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, McCain entered the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and graduated in 1958.

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He eventually trained as naval aviator and participated in the Vietnam War.

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In 1965, McCain married Carol Shepp, and adopted her two young children Douglas and Andrew. He and Carol later had a daughter named Sidney.

In 1967, McCain was flying a bombing mission over North Vietnam when his plane was shot down by a missile over Hanoi. He survived by ejecting from the plane but suffered broken bones.

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Some North Vietnamese captured him, and he would begin his time as a prisoner of war. McCain would suffer years of torture until his release in 1973.

His wartime injuries left him permanently incapable of raising his arms above his head.

After the war, McCain served as the Navy’s liaison to the U. S. Senate in 1977. He said that moment was the beginning of his second career as a public servant.

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In 1979, McCain met Cindy Hensley, a teacher from Phoenix. In 1980, McCain and Carol divorced and later that year, McCain and Hensley married.

In 1981, McCain retired from the Navy as a captain and was awarded military awards and decorations including, Silver Star Medal, two Legions of  Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, three Bronze Star Medals, two Purple Heart Medals, two Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals, and Prisoner of War Medal.

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In 1982, McCain ran as a Republican for an open seat in Arizona's 1st congressional district, which was being vacated by 30-year incumbent.

McCain won the race and later joined the House Committee on Interior Affairs.

In 1987, McCain was elected to the Senate, succeeding longtime American conservative icon and Arizona fixture Barry Goldwater.

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McCain soon gained national visibility. He delivered a well-received speech at the 1988 Republican National Convention, was mentioned by the press as a short list vice-presidential running mate for Republican nominee George H. W. Bush.

In the 1990s, McCain developed a reputation for independence. He said he took pride in challenging party leadership and establishment forces.

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The term “maverick Republican” became a label frequently applied to McCain.

In 1997, McCain became chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee.

McCain announced his first candidacy for the 2000 presidential race. He eventually lost the nomination to George W. Bush and later endorsed him.

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In 2007, McCain announced his candidacy for president and later chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Barack Obama won the 2008 election by gaining 53 percent of the popular vote, versus McCain’s 46 percent.

McCain returned to the Senate where he eventually served three more terms.

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In 2017, doctors diagnosed McCain with a very aggressive brain tumor. He underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments to treat the cancer

In 2018, he took a reduced role in the Senate.

McCain is survived by his wife Cindy, his children Meghan, Bridget, John, James and Sidney.

Daughter Meghan McCain tweeted out a statement from the family, saying, in part: "My father is gone, and I miss him as only an adoring daughter can. But in this loss, and in this sorrow, I take comfort in this: John McCain, hero of the republic and to his little girl, wakes today to something more glorious than anything on this earth."

President Donald Trump add his respects on Twitter Saturday night:

Gov. Nathan Deal spoke about the honor of serving with McCain while serving in Congress:

Sen. David Perdue remembered him as a dedicated servant to his country: