Restaurant manager accused of assaulting employee over wrong order

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Gwinnett County restaurant manager is denying claims he slapped an employee despite what a video that is going viral appears to show.

A customer posted the shocking video to Facebook, and the now ex-employee swore out a warrant against her former boss. The woman is seeking criminal charges after police declined to file any charges the day of the incident.

The Doo's Seafood co-owner told Channel 2 Action News business is down at the restaurant after the video was posted online. The video has led to thousands of views online.


Surveillance video from inside the store shows that there was more to the confrontation.

"Me being a woman just trying to provide for my two, and I was assaulted," Ju'nea Turner said.

This incident began last Friday afternoon when a customer demanded his $8 back because his order was wrong. One of the owners told Turner the mistake will come out of her paycheck.

During the argument, the other owner entered and hit the food out of the Turner's hands and then pushed her and touched her again.

“He grabbed me so hard that he bruised my breast. I’m still in so much pain now,” Turner said.

“I didn’t hit her, I didn’t slap her,” co-owner, Doo Lee said.

Turner told us her bosses fired her just before the confrontation.

She and her attorneys went to the Gwinnett County Courthouse Wednesday and filed a warrant application. They are seeking assault and battery charges against the owner.

Gwinnett County police did not file any charges when they responded Friday after viewing both videos.

The co-owner said he had no intentions of hurting the woman.

Lee told us he was just trying to end an escalating situation. He said he just wanted her to leave.

Channel 2 Action News obtained a copy of the employee rules. It does state order mistakes will be paid for by the employee.

The hearing before a judge is set for June 13.