Man dressed as woman accused of attacking real estate agent

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News is learning more about the attack on a local real estate agent by a crossdressing client in Gwinnett County.

911 calls have been obtained where the woman describes fighting for her life during the surprise attack.

Dispatcher: " Did you see any weapons? "

Agent: " No "

Dispatcher: " Ok "

Agent : " He just kept telling me if I didn't be still he was going to kill me and get back in the house. "

A 38-year-old man, who police say dressed up as a woman, is facing charges he assaulted a Gwinnett County real estate agent.
Jeffrey Wayne Shumate is currently in the Gwinnett County Jail facing aggravated assault, false imprisonment and battery charges.
"We don't know why he decided to dress in women's clothing and we don't know his motivation," said Cpl. Michele Pihera with the Gwinnett County Police Department.
The real estate agent was showing the man a home along Sugarloaf Parkway, in Gwinnett County, on Wednesday morning.
"When she (the real estate agent) got there she felt uneasy about the situation. She didn't want to go inside the home by herself," Pihera said.
After the man exited the home, he attacked the agent who was waiting on the front porch, according to investigators.  She was able to track down a passing car, and they called 911.
"She tried to fight off the offender and she tried to run away and ultimately that probably saved her life," Pihera said.
"It is scary knowing that this would happen right next door to where we live but people are crazy these days," said neighbor Mary Crowder.
Warnings about the incident were instantly shared among realtors on Facebook.
"Try to obtain a copy of their driver's license, try and take a picture of the license plate," said Tom O'Rourke with the Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of Realtors.

Channel 2's Tony Thomas was the only reporter in court as Shumate went before a judge.

Records show Shumate is very familiar with the court system.

Twice before he's been accused of crossdressing and harrassing or attacking real estate agents.  He served prison time for incidents in Jackson and Fannin Counties before being released last Fall.

Another Hall County agent says he also attacked her in 2001.

"He definitely has a thing for real estate agents.  I don't know if we are an easy target, " the agent said.

Stay tuned for more information on Channel 2 Action News as this story develops.