Ransomware: Rockdale government says infected email sent to server

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. — The Rockdale County Government announced Friday that a ransomware incident occurred Thursday within multiple county systems.

The government said that the system was compromised due to an outside entity sending an infected email.

The county government said the following in a Facebook post:

“At this time, we are able to share the following details:

-Spam email containing ransom ware was discovered after an employee opened an attachment

-Triage and trouble shooting began immediately after discovering due to internal alert system

-This has affected up to 9 County servers

-A shut down of all servers will happen at some point today to investigate any unwanted infiltration

-Phones line, internet, and email will have sporadic connectivity

-Rockdale Water Resources will not process payments today; any bills due today will be given grace period to be determined after resolution.

As more details become available, we will be disseminating more information as appropriate. Please contact 770-278-7076 should you have any questions or immediate concerns regarding this incident.”