• Principal abruptly dismissed from job speaks out to Channel 2


    ATLANTA - The North Atlanta High School interim principal who was abruptly dismissed from his position Friday discussed the district's decision in an exclusive interview with Channel 2 Action News.

    Mark Mygrant said he's been pushing Atlanta Public Schools leaders hard to clear himself and two of his hires on allegations they are racists, and that they were trying to force minority students out of the school.

    "There (are) some strange dynamics occurring on the board and I can't help but wonder if that's where it's coming from," Mygrant told Channel 2's Tony Thomas Sunday afternoon. "I think just personally it's just power and ego gone wild."

    He showed Thomas emails and letters he'd sent to superintendent Erroll Davis as early as August. At the end of the school day Friday, Mygrant was told to turn in his keys and leave. His assistant principal and academy leaders were reassigned. This comes just three weeks before a new principal is set to take the helm. APS asked Mygrant, who retired as North Atlanta's principal, to come out of retirement earlier this year until his replacement could be found.

    "I was ready just to retire and ride off into the sunset. And would have been prepared to do that Friday, until I learned that the others had been treated this way," Mygrant said.

    Mygrant's dismissal has sparked outrage among parents and students, who plan to hold a demonstration in opposition of APS officials' actions Tuesday at North Atlanta's campus.

    APS district spokesperson Steven Alford said the changes were made so the new leader could start with a clean slate.

    "We understand change is not easy for anyone. We want what's best for our students," he said.

    "That was just poor judgment," said parent Rick Calcagno.

    Mygrant said he's done nothing wrong and has the paperwork to prove it. He plans on presenting 25 pages of documents to the central office Tuesday morning.

    "I can't let this go unanswered," Mygrant said.

    Mygrant said he also wants an apology from the superintendent and the other administrators put back in their positions. Mygrant's replacement starts Oct. 29.

    Superintendent Davis also plans to meet with parents and teachers Tuesday night to discuss the reasons for the leadership change.

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