‘Porch pirate’ bill could make package theft a felony

ATLANTA — A new bill could make package theft a felony in Georgia.

We’ve all seen videos of people stealing things that don’t belong to them from our neighbor’s porches. Maybe it’s even happened to you.

Now, a bill passed the Georgia House making this crime a felony. The punishment is one to five years in prison.

The bill passed 101 to 67 on Wednesday.


One of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Bonnie Rich, celebrated the passing by saying it will “protect hard-working and law-abiding Georgians in their own homes.”

“Answering the call from citizens across the state to take action against the proliferation of porch piracy, I worked with the United States Postal Inspector to craft state legislation that recognizes the brazen nature and mindset of a criminal who is willing to approach the door of a victim’s home and commit a crime,” Rich wrote on Facebook.

The bill’s critics said the punishment is out of proportion to the crime.

Rep. Josh McLaurin tweeted that he voted against the bill because of the “excessive criminal penalties.”

It now moves to the Georgia Senate for a vote.


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