Phase 4: Henry County high schoolers return back to the classroom today

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — It’s the first day back to class for students in Henry County. Phase four began this morning.

Phase 4 is the final plan for the county’s schools.

High school students choosing on-campus learning will be in class five days a week.

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“We just determined to be the best thing for at least our child for him to go back and go back in school,” parent Craig Powell said.

The superintendent and the board decided it was safe to re-open the schools based on the low rate of COVID-19 cases in the district. That helped put some parents at ease.

“I feel that the school system is doing the best that they can,” Powell said.

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School officials urge this: If your kid doesn’t feel well, they need to stay home.

School bell rings at 8 a.m.

Several thousand elementary and middle school students are already back in class.

In September, the district allowed all pre-k through 8th grade students back in class with the option of remote learning.

“They’ve currently been on a staggered or a split schedule where they come two days face-to-face based on their last name and then the other 3 days of the week, they are remote,” said Henry County Schools spokesman JD Hardin.

Since students began returning to school on September, 14 students and 21 staff members caught the virus. It’s a low number compared to the 15,000 students who chose face-to-face learning.