Paulding County homeowners find KKK fliers in mailbox

PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. — Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers were found at dozens of Paulding County houses recently, sparking concerns the organization is attempting to grow in the area.

Channel 2 Action News spoke to homeowners off of Buchanan Highway who woke up last weekend to KKK fliers near their mailboxes.

“They're not too proud of themselves,” said Bill Wallace, who found a flier by his mailbox. “They gotta hide behind a mask to do it or do it in the middle of the night.”

The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office says because the fliers did not include direct threats, whoever distributed the fliers did not commit a crime. Still, local authorities forwarded some collected fliers to state and federal authorities for review.

“They were all in my neighborhood,” said an African-American man, who received a flier by his mailbox and asked not to be identified. “It makes you think they’re gonna try and do something or they’re planning something.”

The various fliers claimed “The KKK Wants You” and asked interested parties to contact their local chapter via email.

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