Passenger: I thought man playing flute in airport was André 3000 ... and then it WAS André 3000

Andre 3000 and Antonia Cereijido

Imagine walking through the airport and hearing someone playing the flute. Random enough yet?

Well, now add Atlanta icon André 3000 to the mix.

Antonia Cereijido, who is a radio producer for NPR's Latino USA, according to her Twitter bio, was walking through what appears to be Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday when she saw a man playing the flute.

Cereijido tweeted she was "losing her mind" because she thought the man playing the flute for 40 minutes was OutKast's André 3000.

Turns out she wasn't wrong -- it was actually him. In fact, the musician took a selfie with Cereijido after her discovery.

The post quickly went viral, and Twitter users couldn't contain their excitement.