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Unarmed man to file suit against Alpharetta police after video shows him being attacked by K9

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Attorneys for an Alpharetta husband and father say the unarmed man was on the ground with officers on top of him when he was viciously attacked by a police dog.

They say the injuries and cell phone video of the arrest prove it.

Now, Alpharetta officials confirmed to Channel 2′s Steve Gehlbach that they are investigating the use of force.

In a statement, Alpharetta police said they’ve received no formal complaint yet but per policy, are doing their own internal investigation.

Attorneys for the man arrested want all officers involved fired and individually charged.

Cell phone video taken by the victim’s wife shows the arrest Sunday of Travis Moya.


Alpharetta police were called to the home because he was having a mental health crisis.

But as they go to place him in handcuffs, the video shows Moya get thrown to the ground, then a K-9 moves in while three officers are on top of him.

“He couldn’t move, he couldn’t kick. He couldn’t fight the dog off. He had to lay there while the dog ripped him apart,” attorney L. Chris Stewart said.

A photo from the hospital shows just some of the bite marks to Moya’s upper arm and shoulder area.

He’s now been charged with a felony for obstructing officers, although Moya’s attorneys claim he was not resisting or being violent.

“There was no reason for him to even be detained or arrested. But instead of an ambulance showing up, eight officers showed up,” attorney Gerald Griggs said.

Moya stood with his family during a news conference Thursday but would not speak out yet. His attorneys contacted the Fulton County District Attorney, asking her to dismiss the charge.

“We’re also asking her to open an investigation into these officers and their actions. And if she finds criminal culpability, to charge each and every one of these officers,” Griggs said.

Moya and his family also demand to see video of the arrest from the officers. “They need to release the body cam videos today. Because that won’t lie, back up this video. They were all wearing body cam, even the K9 handler,” Stewart said.

Gehlbach has put in an open record request for the report and all the video.

The DA’s office told Gehlbach they will look at all the evidence before deciding on any charges.