North Fulton County

Man faces charges after shining a laser at police helicopter, officers say

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A Johns Creek man is facing charges after police said he pointed a laser at a Gwinnett County police helicopter.

The chopper was up on July 5 when its pilot noticed a red laser in the cockpit.

Police say Marius Lizunas was testing out his new laser pointer in his backyard, trying to figure out the distance from the ground to the chopper flying overhead.

The problem with what Lizunas did is that it is illegal, so they arrested him.

Police said the laser could have been extremely dangerous and blinding for the pilot and caused a crash.


Channel 2's Mike Petchenik showed the video from the Nightvision camera to others to get their thoughts on Lizunas' crime.

"I wouldn't prosecute him," said Lewis Rupp. "Slap him on the hand. I'm sure he learned his lesson."

Wesaal Gebril said she understands why the police would be concerned.

"I did not know it was against the law, but now I know," Gebril said. "I feel it's dangerous and can cause a lot of hazards."