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Roswell community mourning deaths of 2 teens

ROSWELL, Ga. — UPDATE: According to the initial police report, the two teens were shot. Police say they're still investigating the cause of death. READ MORE HERE


Grief counselors are helping console friends of two murdered teenagers.

Police say a delivery driver found the bodies of Carter Davis and Natalie Henderson behind a grocery store in Roswell Monday.

Carter Davis’s coach and principal both called him a great kid, who was extremely smart and a terrific athlete.

Principal Darrell Herring told Channel 2’s Tom Jones there were tears at the school Tuesday morning as students were shook up after hearing the news their classmate had been murdered.

Davis, a 17-year-old senior was found dead, along with 17 year old Henderson, behind a Publix in a shopping center on Woodstock Road Monday at around 6 a.m. Henderson was a student at Roswell High School.

Roswell police have not released many details but said the teens died from some type of head trauma.

Carter's principal said the loss has been difficult on students and teachers alike.

"It’s devastating when you're so excited about all of the kids coming back to school and then you find out on the first day that something like this happens,” Darrell Herring said. “(I) don't quite understand it cause he as a great kid."

Carter played on the lacrosse team and they are planning a vigil for him Tuesday night at the campus.

School doesn't start at Roswell High School until next week but grief counselors are available there as well.

Police continue to investigate the case.


"It just broke my heart when I learned that it happened today," Henderson's friend Natalie Sands said. "It was just crazy because you don't think it's going to happen to someone, especially someone so young and someone you know."

Sands met Henderson years ago as they volunteered side-by-side at a local shelter.

"She was very happy, always smiling," Sands said.

Carter Davis' friends say the same thing about him. They say Davis was an amazingly talented football and lacrosse player, but off the field he was a fun-loving and energetic guy who everyone adored.

River Ridge High School's principal released a statement Monday night, saying in part, "Carter was an energetic student who was known as a friend to all.  He always came to class in a good mood and with a smile on his face.  He excelled in the classroom and was always willing to help out classmates. He played football and lacrosse at River Ridge High School. He was a kicker for the football team and was a running back for the offense. On the lacrosse team, he shined playing the attack position. He led the team in assists for the 2016 season, and aspired to play lacrosse at the collegiate level."

Publix released the following statement:

The Publix family sends our thoughts and prayers to the families of the those affected by this loss of life. Unfortunately we can not comment on anything further because this is an open investigation. Thanks for the opportunity to share our condolences.