No tax-free weekend? No problem, according to Clark Howard

ATLANTA — In just two weeks the first group of metro Atlanta students will head back to school.

But this year, parents will have to buy those school supplies without a tax-free weekend in Georgia.

Channel 2's Consumer Advisor Clark Howard said that a lot of people are going to be surprised this summer that there is no tax-free weekend in the state.


Parents are going to have to buy those school supplies with taxes, but Howard said that it does not mean less saving.

The Georgia legislature chose not to do tax-free weekend anymore.

Howard said he was not a big fan of the tax-free weekend because a lot of retailers would do their ad campaigns around that weekend, raise the prices of things and then people thought they were saving so much money on the tax-free days.

But Howard said you're better off simply following the sales through the summer and back-to-school period.

Because schools go back at different times, Howard said it’s like a rolling event.

So every Sunday look at the sales Flyer in the Atlanta Journal Constitution or watch the ad online on your phone and that’s how you are going to build your shopping list, while saving the most money for your kids.

Speaking of a list, Howard said that to really save money at back-to-school time, work only from a list; otherwise, he said, you may buy things that you don’t really need.