New video appears to show Ahmaud Arbery inside home under construction minutes before shooting

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. — New video obtained by ABC News shows a man that appears to be Ahmaud Arbery wander inside a home under construction.

Arbery was killed by a father and son after they pursued him while he jogged in their neighborhood in February. Greg and Travis McMichael were arrested on murder charges 74 days later, after video surfaced of the encounter that left Arbery dead.

The video sparked outrage. The Georgia attorney general has since asked the Department of Justice to look into the handling of the case.

The McMichaels said they thought Arbery was robbing the home and were trying to make a citizen’s arrest. A separate video from a home across the street from the construction site appeared to show Arbery go inside for a few minutes.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released autopsy results late Monday night, that showed Arbery had been shot three times. One bullet grazed his wrist, the other two hit Arbery in his chest.

As a routine check, the GBI said neither drugs or alcohol were found in his system.

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The Arbery family's lawyer said it did appear Arbery looked around inside the home, but he didn't take anything and was not committing a crime.

The new video shows Arbery walk inside and glance around.

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The family who owns the home that is under construction issued a statement saying they had nothing to do with the shooting and are praying for the Arbery family.

Here's the full statement:

English Family Statement:

First, and most important, the English family -- the homeowners -- want Ahmaud Arbery's parents to know that they are very sorry for the loss of their son and they are praying for them.

Second, it is crucial to understand that the English family -- the homeowners -- were not part of what the McMichaels did. The first accounts suggested a link between the McMichaels and the homeowners, but there is none. The English family had no relationship with the McMichaels and did not even know what had occurred until after Mr. Arbery's death was reported to them.

After seeing Mr. Arbery’s photo in news reports, Larry English did not even think Mr. Arbery was the person that appears in this video. Even if it had been, however, Mr. English would never have sought a vigilante response, much less one resulting in a tragic death.

The Arbery family attorney, S. Lee Merritt, appeared on the View on Monday and addressed the new video. Merritt said he actually talked to the English family.

“I spoke with the homeowner,” Merritt said. “He said he had no problem with it, he never complained about it concerning Ahmaud. He didn’t suspect Ahmaud of anything criminal. He received notification when Ahmaud entered his home. People enter his home all the time because it is a popular running route and a seashore home under construction.”

Previous video

Another video obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution over the weekend shows Arbery appear to walk inside and around the back of the home moments.

Six minutes later, the man leaves the home and then runs down the street. Nothing appears to be in his hands. A neighbor appears on camera across the street about the same time a 911 call was made.

"He's running right now," the 911 caller said. "There he goes right now."

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The 911 caller asked if the man was doing anything wrong. The 911 caller told dispatchers that the man had been caught on camera many times at night.

“It’s kind of an ongoing thing,” the caller said.

A short time alter, the video shows a pickup truck pulls out of the area where Greg and Travis McMichael live. Arbery was shot to death after the McMichaels followed him and he and Travis McMicheal got in a scuffle over a shotgun.

A family lawyer said the video does appear to show Arbery, but that he was doing nothing wrong and that the video shows what family members already knew: That he was jogging and stopped to take a look at a construction site.

Here’s the Arbery family’s full statement:

“Our office has reviewed the surveillance video which appears to show a person, believed to be Ahmaud Arbery, entering a property under construction. The individual remains on the property for under 3 minutes before continuing to jog down the road. This video is consistent with the evidence already known to us. Ahmaud Arbery was out for a jog. He stopped by a property under construction were he engaged in no illegal activity and only remained for a brief period. Ahmaud did not take anything from the construction site. He did not cause any damage to property. He remained for a brief period of time and was not instructed by anyone to leave, but rather left on his own accord to continue his jog. Ahmaud’s actions at this empty home under construction were in no way a felony under Georgia law. This video confirms that Mr. Arbery’s murder was not justified and the actions of the men who pursued him and ambushed him were unjustified. We reiterate, Ahmaud Arbery did not take part in ANY felony, had no illegal substances in his system, was not armed yet was shot three times with a shotgun at close range.”