New app created by Georgia Tech graduates to prevent distracted driving

ATLANTA — As the state of Georgia prepares to enact the new hands-free law prohibiting drivers from touching their cellphones, a group of Georgia Tech graduates is putting the final touches on a new app to prevent distracted driving.

Developers of DistractFree told Channel 2 Action News their app goes beyond hands-free because it gets rid of a lot of the temptation for drivers.

“While the car is in motion, you won’t be able to use your phone or mobile devices,” said Mehdi Mehrpad, DistractFree vice-president of business development.

DistractFree uses patented technology to keep drivers from using their mobile device for texting, email, Facebook or other distractions.


Users place a special token in their vehicle. In conjunction with the DistractFree app, when a driver tries to use their phone, it goes dark.

The app only targets the driver zone, so passengers are still able to use their phones.

Merhpad, two other Georgia Tech grads and a group of other developers are preparing for the app’s launch. For the group, the project is personal.

"One of our friends' daughter passed away in a car accident because of the distraction caused by her mobile phone about 9-10 years ago, and that was a couple days before her high school graduation," said Mehrpad.

The app is in its final testing stages and should be available by Labor Day.