Neighbors upset after trees removed for new trail

ATLANTA — Some neighbors are upset after crews cleared trees behind their home to make way for a new trail.

The newest portion of the PATH Foundation's Northwest Atlanta trail connects the existing Beltline trail in Tanyard Creek Park to Northside Drive. Residents who live on Overbrook Drive say it's too close to them.
"We have concerns about the closeness of the path to our home," Jeff Johnson said.
Johnson lives on Overbrook Drive in North Collier Hills in Buckhead. He, like many in the neighborhood, loves to use the Beltline trail, which runs through Tanyard Creek Park, but Johnson's worried about the newest addition.

Security is one of his big concerns.

"The access from the path to our home is the proximity and it's very close. Anybody can walk up," said Johnson.

"Another big concern is just the tearing down of the trees. You can look through here and see we've had a major situation," said Johnson.
Margie Strickland also lives on Overbrook Drive.
"I was shocked. I walked the path once they started clearing trees. It's even closer. People have free access to the back of all the homes along the trail," said Strickland.
Path Foundation sent Channel 2 Action News a statement: 'The project went through a rigorous public engagement process and is permitted by the City of Atlanta. PATH crews will take special care to minimize impact to adjacent property owners during the construction process. We believe that this trail will be a treasured amenity to the neighborhood once completed.'
Strickland says the PATH Foundation told her they would plant more trees and create another buffer for her property.
"They have offered a fence," said Strickland.