Mental wellness expert weighs in on impact of Ahmaud Arbery killing

Mental wellness expert weighs in on impact of Ahmaud Arbery killing

ATLANTA — People from all walks of life are very upset about the developments in the Ahmaud Arbery case.

Whether you're from Brunswick, Georgia, Atlanta or anywhere else, most people have feelings about it.

Channel 2 Anchor Justin Farmer talked with a ‘happiness scholar’ as part of Channel 2′s Carter Center Mental Health Program series.

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Dr. Kortni Alston, a mental wellness leader and researcher on happiness, about how to handle your emotions surrounding the case.

"What would you say to one of our viewers that was going through the range of emotions, hopelessness, anger, sadness, vulnerability as it relates to the Ahmaud Arbery case?" Farmer asked Alston.

"Acknowledge all those feelings," Alston said. "Think about what you need and think about the support system (you have)."

Alston said it's especially important right now to reach out to friends and family in this world of social distancing. Alston said we may need to physically distance from each other, but it doesn't mean we can completely discount social connection.

Alston said it's important to have quality relationships with people who lead you to a positive mindset.

"We often talk about relationships, but it's important to understand how to qualify that in terms of positive relationships," Alston said. "If a person leading you in a positive direction and can possibly be that voice, or really that ear in regards to actively listening, because sometimes, it's all about us being seen."

Alston said it’s especially important to try to avoid negative people in your life, especially in times of stress, anger or disappointment.

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