• Men accused of fake robbery scheme

    By: Liz Artz


    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. - Two men are accused of lying about a robbery and attack as part of a scam Friday.

    Joshua Jackson, 21, and David Richardson, 22, were taken to the Cherokee County Jail after Canton police said they withdrew $10,000 from a Chase Bank off Riverstone Parkway and then filed a false police report.

    Police said after the men withdrew the money, they called 911 and reported that Richardson had been beaten and robbed. Jackson claimed to have witnessed the entire incident and reported that two white men in a white Jeep Cherokee were the suspects and fled with $10,000. Police told Channel 2 Action News' Liz Artz that Richardson said he had been pistol whipped.

    Canton detectives said there were no signs of injury and after searching the pair’s car, they came across the $10,000 and other evidence that police said led them to believe they made up the story. Officer Pacer Cordry said the men admitted to making a false report.

    As the men were led away in handcuffs, Richardson told Artz the money belonged to him and that he was wronged.

    He said he likes Chase Bank over Bank of America and told Artz he drives to Georgia to make withdrawals.

    Police believe the two are part of a bigger account fraud scam out of Tennessee and made the false report in an effort to keep the money all to themselves. As he was being led off to jail, David Richardson told Channel 2 Action News cameras he needed someone to bail him out, that police took his money, that he “needs help and has no money.”

    Canton police are working with Tennessee authorities to piece together this puzzle and figure out who all the players are.  Police locked up the $10,000 in evidence.

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    Men accused of fake robbery scheme