Martin Luther King III recalls moment he learned of his father's death

ATLANTA — Martin Luther King III shared to Channel 2's Jovita Moore what it was like inside his family's house, when they learned his father was assassinated.

King told Moore it was his mother's strength that helped them cope with the tragic news.

“She said in substance, ‘Your father was taken away from us, and hurt very badly, and is no longer going to be living, but he's gone home, to live with God,’” King said.

Moore asked King what he remembered from that time.

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“I was just, kind of in a daze like, you know, subconsciously we knew that this could happen,” King said. “I didn't hear dad say this, but in '63, he predicted, he said to mom after president Kennedy’s assassination, that, ‘That's the way I'm going to go as well.”

King also recalled leaving Ebenezer Baptist Church following his father's funeral.

“I remember walking down Auburn Avenue and seeing more people than I've ever seen in my life, to Morehouse College and I remember how quiet it was, it was solemn, it was, you could hear a pin drop that's how quiet,” King said.

King said they never would have been able to get through it all without their mother.

“We didn't have a lot of private grieving time, mom was beyond, personified beyond strength,” King said. “I think children attempted to emulate their parents and so we, we were stoic, we were you know, we did shed some tears but we watched mom and didn't see mom doing that, so we didn't.”