New details reveal what led to violent scuffle where deputies pinned, punched man

ATLANTA — The man seen pinned down and punched by a fired deputy in a viral video talked to reporters Friday, the morning after posting bond.

Channel 2′s Tom Regan was there as Roderick Walker and his attorneys talked about what they said was an attack by deputies.

Walker’s arrest during a traffic stop went viral last week when his family posted a video of the incident on social media. Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill fired the deputy, who has been identified as Brandon Myers, for use of physical force.

“I just want to let y’all know that I was scared. I feared for my life,” Walker said. “I just pray and I just hope that it don’t happen to nobody else.”

Walker’s face was still swollen as he described losing consciousness and being unable to breathe.


Lawyers said Walker and his family had just returned a rental car and gotten a friend take them back home. A unmarked Clayton County patrol car pulled over the driver for a broken tail light.

In a police report released to Channel 2 Action News Friday, Clayton County Deputy D. Riddick offered more details about what led to the violent scuffle seen on the viral video.

Riddick wrote that Walker was violating the Georgia seatbelt law, so he asked him to identify himself. When Walker wouldn’t provide identification, Riddick asked him to get out of the car.

“As I attempted to place him into handcuffs, he took flight on foot, running in the middle of Phoenix Blvd.,” Riddick wrote. “Myself along with Deputy Brandon Myers grabbed Walker and placed him on the ground. Once on the ground, Walker started to fight with us.”

Riddick says Walker hit him in the face with his elbow, which made his lip and nose bleed. He said Walker then also hit Myers in the face before getting free and running away again.

Riddick said he fired his Taser and Walker fell.

“Walker continued to fight and resist arrest by kicking, elbowing, head-butting and biting,” Riddick wrote. “Deputy Myers was bit on his inner thighs multiple times.”

Riddick said he and Myers “gave several closed-fist and elbow strikes” to Walker’s upper body to try to subdue him.

“Due to Walker trying to get back up and move around, he was struck in the face," Riddick wrote.

The video shows Walker pinned to the ground and punched repeatedly by one officer as people look on and scream.

Riddick said after they were finally able to get Walker into the patrol car, he called EMS because he was Tased and bleeding from the nose and eye.

“Walker stated to Deputies on scene that he has an outstanding warrant for his arrest and that is why he ran and fought,” Riddick wrote.

Walker was charged with two counts of battery and obstruction in Clayton County. Fulton County records show he was on probation for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, another gun charge and cruelty to children.

Walker’s lawyer, Shean Williams, said the release of the arrest report is just another way to discredit his client.

“We believe this is another attempt to deflect and cover up what we saw in that video, and they are using an incident report now to do it,” Williams said.

Williams said Walker was not the aggressor but the victim of police brutality.

“He wasn’t attacking them. He wasn’t beating them,” Williams said. "He was trying to survive.

“This man was Tased, thrown to the ground and beaten on the face,” lawyer Jane Lambert said.

Williams is trying to get the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office to drop charges related to his arrest.

The D.A. office is handling the case to determine if any charges will be brought against the deputy.

Human resources records reveal Myers was only sworn into the department in November of 2019. Prior to working for the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office he was a police officer in Savannah.