Local psychologist offers insight about stress during COVID-19 pandemic

ATLANTA — There’s no one alive in the world today who’s ever endured something quite like this pandemic.

In simple terms, it’s stressing us out. Channel 2 anchor Justin Farmer found a local psychologist who’s top of her field in the country.

Whether you have a family with kids, aging parents or are single, COVID-19 is affecting all of us in one way or another.

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Farmer visited with Dr. Nadine Kaslow from Emory University. She's one of the most-respected psychologists in the country.

She’s offering insight into how stressed we all are and what to do about it.

“All of us having to change our normal routines is extremely stressful, and we're all scared of getting sick and dying or losing people we care about,” Kaslow said.

“I think escapism is absolutely fine,” she said, adding that people are escaping the stress with TV and snacks.

Kaslow says love yourselves right now and be compassionate toward those around you.

In conjunction with the Carter Center, a couple of times per week, we’re going to bring you leading mental health specialists to help us cope with this pandemic.