Local doctors say they’re seeing a rise in blood clots in COVID-19 victims

ATLANTA — A woman wants others to be aware of a scary situation she went through while recovering from COVID-19.

Jessica Hill is 50 and was healthy. When she contracted the coronavirus, she was only mildly sick for a couple days. But then she suffered a stroke.

Her surgeon from Northside Hospital told Channel 2′s Linda Stouffer that they’re seeing a serious spike in COVID-19 patients who later get heart attacks and strokes.

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He said the virus is making their blood clot.

Northside’s Medical Director of Vascular Surgery Dr. Siddharth Patel said incidences of clotting issues are much higher with Covid-19 victims.

“Five to seven times higher than normal. We’re seeing a significant increase in clotting in major blood vessels in the pandemic era, that require us to go in and remove the clots,” Patel said.

Hill said the stroke made the most basic things extremely tough.

“I couldn’t tell time. I couldn’t use the phone. I would go to turn on the TV and I didn’t know how to work the buttons on the remote. It’s almost like you are back to infancy, dependent on the people around you,” Hill said. “I remember leaving my first therapy appointment and just crying in the parking lot.”

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Hill spent a total of five days in the hospital.

“Don’t take life for granted and love the ones around you,” Hill said. “I feel enormously blessed and lucky.”

Here’s what to look for to call a doctor or get help immediately: Chest pain, shortness of breath, weakness in face or arm and slurred speech.

Strokes are often treatable if caught early.