Local county honored for rejuvenating a metro drinking water source

ATLANTA — The Georgia Water Coalition named the Clayton County Water Authority to the “Clean 13,” a list that honors businesses, government entities and water authorities that are working to clean water and ensure healthy rivers throughout Georgia.

The Clayton County Water Authority serves approximately 80,000 customers, drawing water from the Ocmulgee and Flint rivers.

Treated wastewater from the W.B. Casey Water Reclamation Facility is only returned to the Ocmulgee River for now. Starting in February 2020, the millions of gallons drawn from the Flint will be returned to the Flint.

“This is a vision that happened way back in 2009. We had a vision of becoming a facility that was inter-basin transfer neutral,” explained Jim Poff, assistant general manager of operations at Clayton County Water Authority.


The $15 million upgrade to the plant, which will return treated wastewater to the Flint River, will also ensure steady water flows downstream in times of drought.

Poff told Channel 2 Meterologist Katie Walls that the discharged water will be of even higher quality than what is originally withdrawn. He also said the addition to the plant will not mean a rate hike to customers.

“We were able to set aside revenues each year that we put toward this capital investment…we’re able to hold down rates because we don’t need to go out there and get debt to build this project,” Poff said.

The Clayton County Water Authority has partnered with American Rivers and the Flint Riverkeeper since 2013 to identify ways to restore healthy flows in the Flint.

You can read the full Clean 13 report here.