• Local child rapper drawing huge following


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Hundreds of screaming girls will be packed into downtown Atlanta on Saturday night to hear an 11-year-old Suwanee boy rap.

    MattyB, as he's known, is an Internet sensation who is now making his mark in live concerts.

    It was a quiet afternoon when Channel 2’s Tony Thomas caught up with 11-year-old Matt, sitting calmly doing homework with his mother. But MattyB is an Internet sensation with his rap music, covering famous songs and some of his own too.

    He told Thomas he's especially excited about Saturday’s sold-out concert in a Georgia World Congress Center auditorium.

    “I think it's really cool because usually people from my baseball team and from my school will all go to my concerts in Georgia,” MattyB said.

    MattyB started making rap music videos when he was 6. His dad put them online and they took off to the point now, where his dad says 1 million to 1.5 million people view his videos every day.

    “At first I thought it would only be like 15 views, my grandparents and my parents and brothers viewing it. But then when I actually saw how many I actually got, it was just crazy.

    All his music, videos and now concerts are closely managed by his father.

    “Our big thing as parents is to keep it well balanced but let him to develop as the talent that he's been giving,” said Matt’s father Blake Morris.

    That balancing means Matt will only do a handful of concerts this year and will stop entirely for baseball.

    “I'm a second baseman and a catcher,” MattyB said.

    But MattyB said he'll continue to practice and shoot videos on weekends and after school. He said he has big plans ahead.

    “I want to make an album when I'm like 15 or so, like when I'm older,” MattyB said.

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    Local child rapper drawing huge following

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