Volunteers say they worked tirelessly to help Georgians register to vote

ATLANTA — We’re hearing from volunteers behind Georgia’s record-breaking turnout. This was a team effort from all local organizations, from small non-profits to huge non-profit organizations.

Everyone was collaborating for one goal: getting people registered and to the polls.

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These groups also eased the fears of sending in ballots by mail.

Helen Butler is the executive director of the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda. It’s an organization the late Dr. Joseph Lowery founded that educates voters about each candidate. they help with voter registration, filling out mail in ballots and they even give voters free rides to the polls.

“It took a village and a village made it happen,” Butler said.

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This year was especially challenging because of the pandemic – but still 5 million Georgians voted in-person and by mail, which is a record-breaking number.

“We don’t care about blue or red, what we cared about was the turnout numbers – getting people engaged and record turnout numbers have been this entire election cycle so were elated that happened,” Butler said.

You have until Dec. 7 to register for the two senate runoffs here in Georgia.

Election day for the runoffs is Jan. 5. Early voting starts at the end of December.