“Keep fighting” - Cobb County 911 operator keeping the faith during ALS battle

This Christmas, a local 911 dispatcher is in the biggest fight of her life. ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease forced her to medically retire.

Sheldon Long has been with the Cobb County police since 2002. His wife, Eulie Long, became a 911 dispatcher a year later.

Eulie Long was the first line of communication for people in need. She loved her job.

“When people need help, people instantly dial 911,” Sheldon Long said.

In 2017, doctors diagnosed the mother of three with ALS.

“Basically, the disease is attacking your nerves,” Sheldon Long said. “Your brain is functioning clearly, but you’re unable to control your body.”

Channel 2’s Chris Jose sat down with the couple on Christmas Eve.

Eulie Long was unable to speak, but she’s a fighter.

“Very strong will. Very tough,” Sheldon Long said. “Quitting is not in our bloodline. We tell our kids, can’t is not a word.”

Eulie Long medically retired last year. She depends on her family for basic self-care.

Sheldon Long has worked extra jobs to cover expenses. He’s hoping to save enough money to buy a wheelchair van that would make life a little easier for his wife.

Through it all, faith, keeps this family together.

“Pray daily. Keep the faith. And keep fighting,” Sheldon Long said.

Wise words from a police officer. He took an oath to serve Cobb County. An oath, for better or for worse, to remain faithful to his wife.

Both have dedicated their lives serving others and this Christmas, they're the ones who need help.

“Keep us in their prayers. Whoever you are. To help us to fight,” Sheldon Long said.

The Longs have a GoFundMe to help pay for the nearly $15,000 they need to buy a wheelchair van.


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