Hurricane Laura: Georgia Power crews heading to Louisiana to help with the massive power outages

FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. — Georgia Power crews in Floyd County are heading west this morning to help out with the expected massive damage left behind from Hurricane Laura.

Power companies in Louisiana sounded the alarm about needing help over the next week to get the power restored after the powerful category 4 storm made landfall Thursday.

The workers in Floyd County will offer mutual aid using their fleet of vehicle.

“We let them know ahead of time how many contractors and crews we can give them, and they let us know when to come,” said Georgia Power Spokesperson Allison Gregorie.

Severe Weather Team 2 says Laura will cause devastation and massive power outages.

[TRACKING LAURA: Hurricane Laura is moving through Louisiana causing major damage]

“Our storm center in Atlanta is in constant contact with storm centers at other utilities,” Gregorie said.

Georgia Power is ready to help just like others helped them in the past.

“We help each other out. Several utility companies came to help us out after Hurricane Irma in 2017 and we’re going to go help them now,” Gregorie said.

Crews left around 6 a.m. The amount of damage will determine how long they will be gone.